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Life isn’t fair, but its still cool 

Life isn’t fair, but its still cool 

Moving on

Moving to Claremont on Friday April 1st 2011 to live with pops.

First time in my life moving anywhere… kinda scared :|

I wonder if its okay to be scared.

I might not have internet. 






I love this 

I love this 

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I wanna do this one day soon ! :] 

I wanna do this one day soon ! :] 

Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber - Next 2 U

The nights we stay up watching movies.. 

redbox it even though we both know

it doesn’t matter at all whats on the tv as long as..

I get to be next to you <3

Fuck talk about the romance phase hitting me hard lol Gots to remember to keep my heart in check >:[ HMPH lol 

Wouldn&#8217;t want it any other way **** :] 

Wouldn’t want it any other way **** :] 

Love Psychle.

Drunken advances, multiple chances, rookie romantics in need of practice,

we’re students of love, in and out of classes, go for the ride until it crashes,

Ive been through enough to have learned my lessons, from puppy love throughout my adolescence,

we’re friends and enemies, the same identity, you’re a source of strength but a waste of energy,

we play that game that some aren’t built for, feel that pain that some would kill for,

we drank we smoke, we’ve taken the pillform, got high with you even as your mentor,

what we had seemed irreplaceable, till I ran and got a taste of new,

but my sex drive was just a waste of fuel, shoulda just used it all on my race to you, 

We play that game that some aren’t built for. Feel that pain that some would kill for. 


What I love about this world. How it can find so many ways to bring us down, so many ways to shut us out, so many ways to break our heart. must we scream to finally start, start. Start a finish, start a evolution a revolution, to things for the better we must begin. Begin with the strength that starts within.

For some reason I somehow want to keep this tumblr thing within a small reach. Something I haven’t been able to acquire for a long time.

Mmmmm&#8230;. Ferrero rocher &lt;3 

Mmmmm…. Ferrero rocher <3 

Girl we connect like we have bluetooth

Starting to figure out all of tumblr’s great features :]

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.